Thursday, December 13, 2007

No, Seh's not dead... I think...

Seh was not a misspelling. It is currently my (well, C's) right hand's name. Because said right hand (or perhaps the mind that controls it? Discuss.) makes so very many typos. And "typso"s, too.

So, yeh, it's Cat-kha speaking - you got my ebil twin last time, Cat-sha. We're occasionally referred to as K and S, but I'm not to be confused with Khasmina, who's really evil, not just ebil.

Anyway, neither Seh nor C nor Nârēn are dead. WhAt?! "Who are they?"?! Oh, kid, do you need a lesson. Ah well. I'll get S to take care of that later.

So. No, no one's dead, just buried under an avalanche of homework, oh Gods, don't think they'll survive college, poor things. Ah well. This will end soon, but we've got hw and projects for the vacation as well, so we might not be able to even do holiday filler. Yes that's how low we've sunk, unable even to do filler-for-filler.

We're sorry.

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